Presence on the Capital steps in Tallahassee

As you probably know, state legislators are residents of Florida that are elected by citizens of Florida. Unfortunately, our elected politicians simply do not know every issue that is important to their constituents, yet they have a duty to vote and make decisions on behalf of the 21 million Florida voters.

So how in the world can they make educated and informed decisions without constituent input? Do they spend countless hours researching every issue? Unfortunately there are not enough hours in the day. Legislators are flooded with information by opposing interests that influence their decision making process. Often times this information is tainted or completely false!

It’s imperative that the auto glass industry has a voice in Tallahassee. A voice to properly explain the the real facts and dispel the false information. While speaking with local representatives on auto glass topics is vital, however having a consistent presence in Tallahassee is mandatory to deliver the honest and straight forward truth to legislators. To this end FIGA has retained one of Florida’s preeminent lobbying firms to represent our interests in the state legislation.

FIGA has hired Florida’s best Lobbying firm to represent our interests in Florida’s capitol.

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